Guardians Of The Galaxy Done In 90's TV Show VHS Style

B4NwamLIcAAr683James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy embraced the technology and popular culture of the 1980s more than one would expect would be plausible in a high-tech space opera... of course it's only expected that somebody would run it through some editing software that imagines what the movie would have looked like on VHS. To pretty cool effect.

Technically they're calling this a '90s sitcom-style opening, which is fine...but most of the tapes I ever played where the tracking looked this bad, had survived the '80s. Either way, it's fun.

Check it out below.

The fan art at top is unrelated to the video, but still very '80s and felt appropriate. It comes from artist Peter Stults. He does similar things from time to time on Twitter, so follow him there.