Auditions For CBS' Supergirl May Contain Spoilers; Possible Superman Appearance


Videos of actors auditioning for roles in CBS' Supergirl have been posted online. The first three videos below feature actors auditioning for the role of The Daily Planet's photographer Jimmy Olsen. The scene they are reading involves Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl, asking Jimmy if he was afraid when he first witnessed Superman using his superpowers.

Jimmy tells Kara, with awe and sense of fascination, how Superman saved a family from a building that was on fire. Instead of being terrified he was actually felt "safe." The fourth video below, is of an actress auditioning for Kara. She performs the same scene. The final video, is of an actress reading for the part of Alexandra "Alex" Danvers.

According to previously-leaked character breakdowns she is described as "Kara’s gorgeous, brilliant, science-minded foster sister." This scene involves Alex being irritated that Kara has used her superpowers out in public for the first time to save people in a train.

You can find more audition videos and a transcript of the scenes at Spoiler TV (click here).

(via CBM)