Robotech Movie Being Developed; Andy Muschietti Eyed To Direct


According to Deadline, a Robotech live-action film is back in the works. Warner Brothers-based producers Hollywood Gang have already selected a screenwriter and have an eye on who they want to direct it.

They've brought on Michael Gordon, who wrote 300 and G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, to write the screenplay. Rumor has it, they want Mama director Andy Muschietti to helm the project.

Ever since Warner Bros. acquired the film rights back in 2007 they have tried several times to get a Robotech film off the ground, but haven't had any luck. At one time, Tobey Maguire ("Spider-Man") was going to produce and star in the film, and in 2013 it was even reported that Leonardo DiCaprio turned down Star Wars VII to pursue the lead in Robotech. Hopefully, this new attempt will prove to be more fruitful.

Robotech was a fairly-popular anime series back in the '80s. It was produced by Harmony Gold and what made it unique was that it was created by editing together separate anime series from Tatsunoko Studios: Super Dimension Fortress: Macross, Genesis Climber Mospeada, and Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross. The 1985 show was set in 1999 and begins with a large alien spacecraft crash landing on the Earth. The humans analyze the wreckage and use the technology to created "Robotechnology," which helps them against future alien invaders. The show spawned toys, video games, an animated film and even comic books. 

Are you looking forward to a Robotech movie?