Michael Keaton Hilariously Played The Batman Card On Adam Sandler


Tonight on Conan O'Brien's late night talk show, his guest Adam Sandler is on promoting his new movie The Cobbler.

While he was there, Sandler shared a story of when he was working at Saturday Night Live and went out to dinner with Michael Keaton. Before he was a cast member, Sandler was apart of the writing staff and each week they would invite the show's host out to dinner. This time in particular the show's host was Michael Keaton and he joined them at their favorite restaurant. Twenty-five people in total attended that meal and when the check came Keaton grabbed it. Sandler and the rest of the SNL writing staff attempted to pay for it, but a generous Keaton would have none of that. He simply told them, "I'm Batman."

Sandler then tells a funny story about how the late comedian Chris Farley would order quite a bit when they would go out to eat.
You can listen to both stories in the video below.

Adam Sandler on Conan at 11pm et on TBS.