Arrow's Marc Guggenheim Is Absolutely Interested In Constantine Crossover


Ever since the start of Arrow’s third season, fans were allowed a peek behind the curtain of how magic works in that universe. With mystical items like the Lazarus Pit, and characters like Ra's Al Ghul, it has become clear that Team Arrow has it’s hands full. But what if Oliver had some help from another corner of the televised DC Universe?

Ever since Constantine was on the rocks, fans began to salivate on the thought of John Constantine crossing paths with Oliver Queen. Not to mention, with Arrow star Stephen Amell stoking the fan flames by declaring he’d do whatever he could to keep the show around, including guest starring on the show, the anticipation has reached a fever pitch.

So we asked Arrow EP, Marc Guggenheim if the possibility was ever brought up in the writers room, and if it might actually be something that we’ll get to see.

It’s something we’ve discussed a great deal. I think there’s a lot of desire on our part as writers and also on the actor’s part which is also a prerequisite. I think the studio and DC would be on board with it. I think the tricky thing for us with the show’s fate up in the air, it complicates things for us a bit. We’re waiting for all the dust to settle and the pieces to fall into place but it’s something that continues to come up. We’ve had a lot of discussions in the writer’s room about it. We have a lot of really good ideas, one in particular that I think is really fantastic. If it’s feasible and it remains organic to the story, it’s absolutely something we would do. You know. There are certain things that are out of our control and need to be resolved before we go that route.

Come back later today to see more of our chat with as we discuss what viewers can expect heading into the Arrow season finale this week.

Would you like to see the two shows crossover if they were ever given the chance? Let us know in the comments below!

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