Kevin Smith Plans To Kill Off Silent Bob In An Upcoming Film

For the past several years, Kevin Smith has turned his attention to his True North trilogy, a series of horror-comedy films set in Canada. Tusk, a film about a man transformed into a walrus, was the first film in the series and it was released last year. The second film, Yoga Hosers, stars his daughter Harley Quinn Smith and Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose Depp, and it wrapped filming in June. The third and final film, Moose Jaws -- inspired by Spielberg's Jaws, but with a moose instead of a great white shark -- is still in the script stage.

In a recent interview, Smith revealed that he's killing off 'Silent Bob' in Moose Jaws. "I just finished writing the scene where — spoilers — Silent Bob gets eaten by the moose. That’s how he f---ing goes out!" Smith told the Australian website

Smith wanted a scene audiences could chew on, like when Quint (Robert Shaw) gets eaten in Jaws. To make sure it had the same bite, he felt it was necessary to kill off either Silent Bob or his partner-in-crime Jay (Jason Mewes). "Isn’t that fun? I was talking to Jay about Moose Jaws and I’m like, ‘I’m thinking about bringing us in as the Captain Quint character’," Smith explained. "And he goes, ‘Yeah, but Quint gets killed!’ I was like, ‘One of us has to get eaten’. And he was like, ‘You. Not me’. I was like, ‘Why?’ And he was like, ‘Because I wanna be in other movies!’ Fair enough, dude. So, rather than let him go out with dignity he’ll be eaten by a f---ing moose."

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