The Crow Reportedly At Risk Of Losing Its Director

With Relativity's bankruptcy looming over the production, the latest attempt to reboot The Crow might be in danger of losing its director, according to TheWrap.

Filmmaker Corin Hardy is preparing to leave the project, according to a court filing by Edward R. Pressman, a producer who objects to The Crow license being included among other Relativity property in a bankruptcy auction.

Pressman claims that he’s “in danger of losing the services of the director of the picture … who is widely regarded as a key creative element. Thus, the production of the picture is imploding even as the time to make the picture is running out under the Crow contract.”

Back in August, The Crow creator James O'Barr sung Hardy's praises, telling fans at Twin Tiers Comic Con how excited he was for the film. When pressed on the matter of Relativity's money problems, he said that following the original news breaking, the studio had received a number of calls about buying the rights to The Crow. He joked, though, that they have little else of value.

Relativity simply optioned the rights from Pressman, though, and if a film doesn't go into principal photography within three years of that point, the rights should revert to Pressman. The deal was signed 18 months ago, which leaves 18 months to get the cameras rolling.

The film has undergone a series of problems, including losing a previous director and at least two stars.