Ghostbusters Producer Says New Franchise Will Be Endless

Ghostbusters 2016
(Photo: Colombia Pictures)

The Ghostbusters remake has been creating controversial waves ever since the film first entered pre-production. With long-time fans still divided over their feelings for the upcoming film, Ghostbuster’s producer Amy Pasacal is taking a stand and promising fans they’ll love the the movie, for sure. Pascal is even confidently predicting that the new Ghostbusters franchise will be “endless.”

Ghostbusters' star-studded premiere ghosted into Los Angeles this past Saturday as the film’s cast and crew gathered to celebrate the project. The red carpet spectacle was spot-on spooky as fans flocked to the TCL Chinese Theater in full Ghostbusters cosplays, and a huge Stay Puft Marshmallow Man could even be spotted meandering about the event. The new Ghostbusters team - Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones — were all in attendance for the premiere. But it was the Sony Pictures' crew who were most stoked about the film’s debut.

Amy Pascal told The Hollywood Reporter, “I have waited for this moment for a year! It's going to be endless. People are going to love this movie so much that they're going to demand more and more.”

Sony Pictures Chairman Tom Rothman also commented, saying, “What was going through my head this morning was, although I've been doing this for 30 years, I'm really a lucky guy because I was excited as hell.” However, their excitement has been threatened over the past year. The crew had been very aware of the backlash which still follows the film - and, man, the fallout has been super intense.

Discussing those complaints, Director Paul Feig said, “We were under the gun before we even started writing the script. We didn't want to take any revenge on anybody, we just wanted to go, 'Look, we realize some people have problems with it, let's just have a little fun.' We're in comedy. We like to make fun of everything.”

So, it looks like neither the cast nor crew took the Internet’s intense scrutiny too close to heart. The four comedic actresses have spoken at length about their love for the film and the pride they share over how this Ghostbusters could pair humor with social commentary. While early reviews of the film are so far mixed, the Ghostbusters’ team remains optimistic that fans will see the film as a faithful remake of the 1984 classic.

For now, fans will have to wait and see if the film comes out with a "Boo!" and scares away the haters' expectations. After all, if Ghostbusters somehow fail, who would we be able to call when Slimers overtake our streets?

Ghostbusters slides into theaters on July 15th 2016.