Pokemon Anime Producer Names As Many Pokemon As He Can In 20 Seconds

Do you remember the PokeRap with the original 150 pokemon? Well we now have 802 Pokemon, which is probably too many to make into a song. Junichi Masuda, who is a veteran producer and composer in the pokemon franchise, was asked to name as many pokemon as he could in 20 seconds. There is a awesome video of the attempt above.

Masuda was able to list 30 pokemon in the 20 seconds he was allotted. Interestingly enough all of the pokemon he rattled off in the short time was from the original 150. It was great seeing him say all 30 names with their original Japanese names.

Pokemon seems like it won’t quit gaining popularity, with the release of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS game selling around 3.7 million copies in just the first two weeks. Also with the new Pokemon Duels App taking over the mobile game charts. The new 3DS game has blown the last two games, Pokemon X and Y out of the water, and expect to have some of the biggest sales of any Pokemon game yet.

It is a great time to be a Pokemon fan, and lets hope for many more years of fresh content to come from the franchise. What are your thoughts on the new Pokemon games?