Is ‘Boruto’s Newest Swordsman Of The Mist Related To Zabuza?

Warning! Spoilers for Boruto’s 30th episode lie below!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is moving along with its on-going ‘Hidden Mist Village’ arc, but things are about to take a major turn. A series of new synopses for the anime have gone live in Japan, and one of the episode’s designs have fans wondering if Momichi Zabuza is about to make a return.

Over on Reddit, new character designs for Boruto’s 30th episode went live and are making their way around fans. As you can see below, two swordsmen are shown who fans have yet to see. One of the ninjas is a man with an afro, and the other appears to be a girl with slick-backed hair. However, the former’s name did get fans talking.

New Characters in Episode 30 (Spoiler) from Naruto

Fans started thinking the man would be related to Momichi Zabuza, but it appears the connection was born from a simple slip in translation. The ninja’s name is Omomichi Hassaku, so there is no relation to the former Swordsman of the Mist. The man’s name is a pun on fruit like all of the other Mist ninja, but his joke is contained in his given name rather than his last.

As for the girl, the ninja’s name is Kursuki Buntan. The two fighters will show up by the 30th episode of Boruto for sure, but they could be alluded to by the end of episode 29. The recently released synopsis for the latter episode hints Shizuma Hoshigaki is about to rekindle the Bloody Mist’s reputation by making a new Swordsmen of the Mist. As for the following episode, fans will then get to watch Boruto and Sarada go up against Shizuma’s new gang. You can check out that episode’s brief description below:

"Under the guidance of Chojuro, Boruto and Sarada arrive at the location where Shizuma and his friends are. However, Shizuma’s technique “Crimson Mist Barrier” has lowered the vision of everyone due to the mist that it produces, and the three become separated. Each of them are forced to battle their own opponents, and Sarada engages in battle with female ninja who received the Lightning Sword: Kiba, Buntan Kurosuki."

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