BTS' RM Teases Fans About J-Hope's Mixtape

If there is one thing the BTS fandom is excited for, then it is a mixtape. Netizens are hoping 2018 will be the year J-Hope drops his anticipated mixtape, and RM just gave them hope it will happen. During a recent livestream, the rapper teased fans about his friend’s long-awaited project.

RM took to VLIVE on January 3 to chat with fans from his personal studio (via Soompi). It was there the leader of BTS admitted he couldn’t say much about J-Hope’s tape since it was not his own, but he could say a little bit.

“I was really surprised,” RM teased after revealing he had listened to several of J-Hope’s songs. The rapper gave a thumbs up to the camera and even clapped in applause for the mixtape tracks.

“I realized that he’s now the kind of person who can make a work like this,” the leader continued. RM said listening to the mixtape tracks made him think back to his early days with J-Hope, but he stressed he did not get to listen to much. The rapper told fans the BTS members are shy about their work and usually keep their songs secret until they are complete.

“Although his tracks aren’t totally finished yet, he let me listen to a few of them,” RM said. “To be honest, I thought that its quality is much better than my mixtape. J-Hope says that he devoted his entirety of last year to these tracks. I want to listen to more of it really soon.”

Of course, RM reached out to his international fans about J-Hope’s mixtape. The leader whipped out his English to hype foreign netizens about his friend’s upcoming release.

“I was saying that you should definitely stay tuned for J-Hope’s mixtape,” the rapper said. “It’ll be awesome. I can guarantee. I was surprised and everybody will be surprised I think.”

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