Did 'Dragon Ball Super' Accidentally Spoil How Goku Perfects Ultra Instinct?

If there is one question on the mind of Dragon Ball fans, it has to revolve around Goku. The series may be coming to an end, but it has a big question to answer about the Saiyan before it wraps. Fans need to know how Goku is going to unlock his mastered Ultra Instinct state, but the series may have just hinted at how the transformation goes down.

So, potential spoilers below!

This weekend, Toei Animation kept the next episode of Dragon Ball Super under lock, but it did share an extended preview of the show. A one-minute teaser for episode 129 was released, and one of its scenes showed Goku in a tense showdown with Jiren.

The clip sees Goku in his usual Ultra Instinct form, but Jiren can still get the best of him despite the power-up. Goku is shown hovering in mid-air as he lets off a massive energy blast at Jiren who is on the ground, but the attack gets bounced. Jiren sends his own attack that either repels Goku’s blast or knocks it back with one of his own. The counter lands solidly on Goku, and the fighter goes flying backwards in the air after the traumatic blow.

However, it seems Goku taps into his mastered Ultra Instinct form shortly after he takes the new counter chest first.

After watching the clip, fans are wondering if Goku’s power-up is going to happen because of a rather predictable reason. The hero gained the ability to use Ultra Instinct the first time around after Goku shot a Spirit Bomb at Jiren which the Pride Trooper pushed back. The heat of the attack and impact of Goku’s Spirit Bomb hitting him helped trigger the undeveloped Ultra Instinct form. So, Goku may just take another shot to the chest to bolster the form.


Goku is shown taking a clear blast from Jiren after his own attack his countered in this clip. The bounced-back energy coupled with Goku’s stress may be what pushes him to discover the mastered Ultra Instinct form, but there is no telling how long the Saiyan will be able to use the power-up.

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