'Voltron': Will Future Seasons Deal More With Earth?

Voltron’s battle for peace in the galaxy may be coming to Earth in the near future.

SPOILERS for Voltron: Legendary Defender Season Five follow.

While Netflix’s Voltron reboot started with five paladins from Earth, the series very quickly left the planet and its solar system behind for the larger universe. Though the paladins may occasionally be homesick, they’ve had little reason to return home while the Galra Empire still poses a threat.

Things have changed in the seasons since then. Katie “Pidge” Holt finally succeeded in reuniting with her long-lost brother Matt. In turn, Pidge and Matt – with help from the rest of the Voltron Force and Prince Lotor – were able to locate and rescue their father, Commander Samuel Holt.

While Pidge is still a Paladin of Voltron, and Matt is still dedicated to the rebellion, Commander Holt has decided to return home to Earth to warn the Galaxy Garrison about the threat of the Galra Empire. Could this be foreshadowing a larger role for Earth in upcoming seasons of the series? ComicBook.com put that question to Voltron: Legendary Defender’s showrunners, Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos.

“We like to dangle story threads out there and see how they play out,” Dos Santos said. “So, yeah, that's definitely a possibility for sure. When they left Earth, we definitely wanted to take the story into a much bigger spot and not make Earth the core of the storyline.”

“It was a definite point to not make not everything center around Earth," Montgomery added. "Like when we set out to do the story, in the very first episode, they clearly state these are primitive beings from a primitive planet."


Such a primitive planet was beneath the notice of the Galra Empire, but now that Commander Holt is back in the mix, Dos Santos says that “Earth is definitely much more a player, moving forward.”

Voltron fans will get the chance to see exactly what role Earth will play, and whether Commander Holt and the Galaxy Garrison are ready for it when Voltron: Legendary Defender returns for its sixth season on Netflix in June.