'Crayon Shin-Chan' Star Retiring After Nearly 30 Years

Unlike Western animation production, some anime series are produced with no ending scheduled in sight. There are certain properties with characters that can go on adventures "forever," and one of the biggest is Crayon Shin-chan. But just because the series can go on forever, unfortunately the staff behind the series cannot do the same.

The official website for Crayon Shin-chan announced that Akiko Yajima, the voice actress behind the titular "Shin-chan" Shinnosuke Nohara, is stepping down from the role after a strong 26 year stint as the character.

The last episode of the series featuring Yajima in the titular role will air June 29 in Japan, with the staff behind the series confirming that the new voice actor for the character will debut sometime in July. Though they have not decided on who will be filling the role, however.

Yajima is stepping down from role stating the reason being that it's becoming harder for her to produce Shin's voice naturally and without struggle. The staff thankfully understood this and has honored her request to step down after some more consultation brought her and the staff to the decision.

Yajima debuted in the anime back when it first released in 1992, and after her final episode airs June 29 she will have been voicing the character for 26 years and three months.


For those unfamilar with Crayon Shin-Chan, the manga first debuted in Weekly Manga Action magazine in 1990. Unfortunately, the original manga has come to an end after the passing of series creator Yoshito Usui. But the anime adaptation of the series began airing in 1992 and is still running to this day. The series follows the misadventures of Shinnosuke Nohara (nicknamed "Shin") and his family and friends. It is known for its crude and inappropriate content, and misuse of the Japanese language. The series even featured a bit of a revival when it received a new short series from Amazon.

Inspired by the Lone Wolf and Cub series, Amazon Prime Video Japan added a 13 episode series titled Crayon Shin-Chan: Lone Wolf and Family. It serves as the third season of the series, and has many of the same barbs and jokes that made the original series famous.