'Bleach' Anime Project Teases its 'Thousand-Year Blood War' Adaptation

Tite Kubo's Bleach was hit with an unfortunately truncated ending, so the anime series never got to adapt the final arc of the manga the "Quincy Blood War," otherwise known as the "Thousand-Year Blood War." Because this arc was filled with many dynamic moments, fans definitely want to see it animated someday.

But with the wait seemingly endless, fans have taken it upon themselves to animate the final arc and this latest trailer for an upcoming fan anime adaptation shows that a great anime version of the events is on the way.

In this promo video from Retro Ryno, fans can see various elements of the final arc playing out in rough animation but the details here are fantastically handled. Fans can see how the adaptation is shaping up, and it's wild how well fans have captured the feel of the original series. It goes to show how fantastic the arc would be if it were to be officially adapted someday. Until then, projects like this will be a great alternative.

Fans are also currently looking forward to the live action Bleach adaptation, which is currently scheduled for a July 20 release in Japan. The live-action film has just released its first full trailer, along with two brand new ones released at the same time. The movie will adapt the first arc of the series, the "Substitute Shinigami" arc. Early reactions to the film have been positive overall, with there talk of even being a new trilogy of filmsadapting more of Bleach's material. If this is successful, then a sequel film with the Soul Society is definitely on the horizon.

The confirmed cast includes Sota Fukushi as Ichigo Kurosaki and Hana Sugisaki as Rukia Kuchikiis MIYAVI, who will play Byakuya Kuchiki Ryou Yoshizawa, as Uryuu Ishida, Taichi Saotome as Renji Abarai, Erina Mano as Orihime Inoue, Tomo Koyanagi as Chad Yasutora, Yosuke Egochi as Isshin Kurosaki, Masami Nagasawa as Masaki Kurosaki, and Seiichi Tanabe as Keisuke Urahara.


For those unfamiliar with Tite Kubo's Bleach, the series follows the young delinquent Ichigo Kurosaki, who had the ability to see spirits. He soon obtains the power of a Soul Reaper - one meant to usher lost souls to the afterlife - and now has the duty to defend the living world from monstrous dark spirits known as Hollows.

The manga was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump from 2001 to 2016, and was collected into 74 volumes. It has been adapted into English thanks to VIZ Media, and has sold over 900 million copies in Japan. The series was adapted into an anime by Studio Pierrot from 2004 to 2012, and has four feature-length animations, rock musicals, video games, and a ton of other merchandise. The English language broadcast premiered on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block in 2006, and you currently find the Japanese and English language versions now streaming on Hulu.