'Voltron: Legendary Defender' Ending Officially Announced

While at the Voltron panel at San Diego Comic-Con today, co-showrunner Joaquim Dos Santos confirmed that the show Voltron: Legendary Defender will be ending this year.

Specifically, he confirmed there are at least two more seasons left in the show for a total of 26 episodes. A 13-episode Season Seven will release this year with a following 13-episode block (one assumes Season Eight) after that. Once those episodes are over, the show will be done. According to our reporter at the panel, it was explained that the creators wanted to cap the show because some things just don't work when they're indefinite.

This falls in line with what the showrunners have said previously about the ending of Voltron in interviews. While Dos Santos and fellow co-showrunner Lauren Montgomery were cagey about the details, it was clear that the ending was on their minds. When interviewed by ComicBook.com earlier this year, Dos Santos said they were “pretty far along” with the overall story they set out to tell, “but not so far along that we would give away how much more we have to go,” with Montgomery adding that "[t]here's still some more story to be told is what we're trying to say.”


The 13-episode Season Seven is scheduled to release on August 10th. Exactly when those remaining 13 episodes will go live is unclear. ComicBook.com will have a full recap of the panel once it is finished.

Voltron: Legendary Defender is currently available to stream on Netflix.