Toei Animation Opening Anime Museum In Tokyo

For many anime fans, going to Japan is something of a pilgrimage. Anyone who has grown up on the series like Dragon Ball have at least once wondered what it would be like to go to Tokyo. So, if you are lucky enough to travel to the city, then you should know there’s a place you have to go.

After all, Toei Animation is opening a museum in Tokyo, and it will be a must-see for fans.

This week, Toei Animation will officially open a new museum in Japan following the closure of the Toei Animation Gallery in 2014. The new location, which is known as the Toei Animation Museum, is located in Tokyo at its Oizumi Studios. The building will open to the public starting on July 28 after special previews wrap this week.

According to the Toei Animation Museum, fans will get an inside look at all their favorite series when they visit. Not only will the location given behind-the-scenes lessons on how anime is made, but it will feature lots of interactive displays. For instance, fans will be able to look up clips from Toei Animation titles to watch on a massive touchscreen.

When the museum opens, its first installation will be dedicated to Pretty Cure. The space is open to fans of all ages where they can do giant puzzles and pose for photos with characters.

Of course, fans can expect more installations to pass through the museum as it grows older. Toei Animation is one of Japan’s premiere production companies, and it is well-known to anime fans. Toei is responsible for big titles such as Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Mazinger Z, and plenty more. So, it is only a matter of time before Goku and Usagi stroll up to the museum’s main entrance.


Toei Animation's new tourist spot is a welcome one for fans, but it isn't the only anime museum travelers can check out in Japan. Studio Ghibli has a very famous Ghibli Museum in Mitaka where fans can get on a replica Catbus, watch short films, and dine at a wooded cafe which Totoro would very much approve of.

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