'Dragon Ball Super' Manga Reveals Alternate Kefla Fusion

The Tournament of Power has already had many changes made in the Dragon Ball Super manga, and the most recent of these had to do with the fan-favorite fusion of Universe 6's Kale and Caulifla, Kefla.

But while the two originally fused in order to fight against Goku in the anime, they fuse instead in the manga in order to keep Kale from destroying herself.

In the manga, Kale unleashes her Super Saiyan strength and is overwhelmed by it. Though her power allows her to eliminate four universes completely in a quick fashion, this also means that her power is slowly killing her body as she loses control more and more.

But unlike in the anime, Kale never gets control of this power so the only good solution to this is for Cabba to get her to wear the Potara earring (which eliminates him in the process) and for she and Kale to fuse into Kefla. Another small, but big change in the manga is that Kefla's fusion comes at full power already.

She's already in her strong Super Saiyan 2 form, which didn't happen immediately in the anime. Kefla fuses at first, but then goes into her Super Saiyan forms as a way to show off against Goku. But in the manga, since her fusion is brought out in a different way, it only makes sense to expedite the transformation.

Besides, it's already leading to some major fights fans never got to see in the anime such as a tease to an original to the manga fight with Gohan.

If you are interested in the anime series, Dragon Ball Super is currently airing its English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonami programming block Saturday evenings at 9:30 p.m. It is also available to stream on Funimation and Amazon Video. The Japanese language release of the series is complete, and available to stream on Funimation, VRV, and Crunchyroll.

If you want to catch up with the English dub, the first 52 episodes of Dragon Ball Super are now available to stream on FunimationNOW, VRV, and available to purchase on Amazon Video as well. The 52 episodes span the full range of what has aired in the North America and covers the "Battle of Gods" arc, "Revival of F" arc, the "Universe 6" arc, and bringing the series right up to the current TV airings of the "Future Trunks" arc.

The upcoming movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, will focus on the Saiyans, the "origins of Goku's power," and has been confirmed to feature a rebooted take on the famous raging Saiyan Broly. The first trailer for the upcoming film has been released and has received an overwhelming positive response as the first impression of the new Broly battling Goku, Vegeta, and Freeza just built an incredible amount of hype.


Dragon Ball Super: Broly, is set to release this December in Japan and January in the United States. The film is described as such:

"This is the story of a new Saiyan. Earth is peaceful following the Tournament of Power. Realizing that the universes still hold many more strong people yet to see, Goku spends all his days training to reach even greater heights. Then one day, Goku and Vegeta are faced by a Saiyan called 'Broly' who they've never seen before. The Saiyans were supposed to have been almost completely wiped out in the destruction of Planet Vegeta, so what's this one doing on Earth? This encounter between the three Saiyans who have followed completely different destinies turns into a stupendous battle, with even Freeza (back from Hell) getting caught up in the mix."