'Dragon Ball Super' Fan-Art Imagines Broly's Lonely Childhood

Dragon Ball Super: Broly introduced a new kind of Broly into the series' official canon, and fans of the franchise noted just how sympathetic of a portrayal this new version of Broly was compared to the older version.

Living an isolated life on the repugnant Planet Vampa, one fan tapped into how lonely of a childhood Broly had with a heartbreaking piece of fan-art. You can check it out below.

Artist @cocorikokke shared the above fan art to Twitter and it taps into one of the saddest elements of Broly's new origin. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, it's revealed that Broly's power is much stronger than Prince Vegeta's, so King Vegeta exiles him to the abandoned Planet Vampa at a young age. Broly is then forced to survive on this planet alone with his father Paragus, who's not very friendly to him either.

The art also taps into one of the more surprising elements of the new Broly's upbringing as Broly is seen drawing a picture of one of his only friends on Vampa, the monster Bah. Bah was a creature that Broly spent time around, and eventually the two developed a trusting bond. But soon Paragus ruins this by shooting off Bah's ear, and thus Broly is left alone without his only friend. It's why he wraps himself in Bah's ear, to give him a sense of comfort following this traumatic experience.


This more emotional take on Broly's origin story is one of the many reasons fans flocked to Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which has earned more that $100 million dollars worldwide. Opening in Japan last December, Funimation officially brought Dragon Ball Super: Broly to the United States on January 16, and tickets are still on sale in some regions. You can read ComicBook.com's spoiler-free review of the film here. The film is described as such:

"A planet destroyed, a powerful race reduced to nothing. After the devastation of Planet Vegeta, three Saiyans were scattered among the stars, destined for different fates. While two found a home on Earth, the third was raised with a burning desire for vengeance and developed an unbelievable power. And the time for revenge has come. Destinies collide in a battle that will shake the universe to its very core! Goku is back to training hard so he can face the most powerful foes the universes have to offer, and Vegeta is keeping up right beside him. But when they suddenly find themselves against an unknown Saiyan, they discover a terrible, destructive force. Locked into battle with the formidable Broly, Goku and Vegeta face their most dangerous opponent yet!"