Attack on Titan Reveals the Beast Titan's Real Name

Attack on Titan season 3's latest episode "Descent" saw the Survery Corps fighting for their lives in the Shiganshina District of Wall Maria, after being snared in an ambush by Reiner and Bertolt, who are now working for the fearsome (and highly intelligent) Beast Titan. We've seen the man hiding in the Beast Titan's skin before in the anime - but episode 52 of Attack on Titan is the first time we actually get his name.

"Descent" saw the Survey Corps successfully take down Reiner's Armored Titan, using their new weapon, the Thunder Spears. No sooner are the Scouts celebrating the win, than the Beast Titan launches a barrel into the air containing Bertholt. The Scouts learn, far too late, that they've stepped into another piece of the trap: The Beast Titan is using Bertholt and his Colossus Titan ability as a sort of high-yield bomb to be dropped over the felled Armored Titan. Fortunately, Bertholt's concern for Reiner makes him pull back from the initial surprise attack. Unfortunately, Hange's squad is still caught into blast radius when Bertholt does eventually make his transformation - and they are not seen again once the blast goes off.

The big reveal of the Beast Titan's true name actually comes early on in Episode 52, as we get to see the backstory of how Reiner, Bertholt and Annie were secretly involved in one of the series' most controversial deaths, and how they subsequently set up the ambush in Shiganshina District. During that flashback, Reiner, Bertholt and the Beast Titan, Zeke, are seen having one last fireside cup of coffee atop Wall Maria; the trio are approached by the Cart Titan, who refers to the Beast Titan as "War Chief Zeke," and warns that the Survey Corps will soon reach Shiganshina.

So, after the reveal of this latest chapter, the question is: Who is this mysterious "Zeke?"

WARNING: Major Spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga follow. Stop Reading NOW if you don't want to know!


Attack on Titan fans already know that "Zeke" constitutes one of the biggest reveals in the series: that's because his full name is actually "Zeke Yeager!"

Yes, Zeke is actually the half-brother of Attack on Titan protagonist Eren Yeager - their father is Grisha Yeager, the man tasked with taking the Founding Titan from the Reiss Family, years ago, but Zeke's mother was Dina Fritz, last descendant of Marley's Royal family. Zeke became the leader of Marley's Warrior Unit, and inherited the Beast Titan to lead his soldiers in reclaiming the Founding Titan. That mission has now set him on a collision course with his half-brother Eren, who now holds the Founding Titan power.

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