Pokemon Fans Just Realized How Real Its Universe Is Becoming

Pokemon as a franchise teaches fans a lot about life. It teaches audiences about the importance of friendship, about rivalries, about determination and what you need to do to be the best. Recently however, Pokemon has decided to impart a brand new lesson and fans are discovering that the Pokemon Universe may just be becoming a bit too "real". Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu has a scene that has many fans simultaneously laughing and crying at its ties to the real world.

While this game has the standard tropes of any of the Pokemon video games we've seen, specifically being a recreation of the original Pokemon Red and Blue games for Nintendo's Gameboy, it also manages to throw in a few adult "curveballs" into the mix, like this one:

Maybe Pokemon is Growing up with it's Audience from r/gaming

Thank to Reddit User TheGrich, we're able to see the fact that the inhabitants of this Pokemon world are still struggling with rent and bills. The idea that a house close to a Pokemon center would be infinitely more expensive than one further away is a hilarious, yet familiar, idea. When you have a house or apartment that's near a metro stop, a busline, a major attraction, and/or a stadium, you can expect to pay more for the privilege of having access to such things. I'm sure that in this universe, trainers and even regular folks who simply have Pokemon as pets would be chomping at the bit to live so close to one of these centers.

The game itself, while adding in some true life nods like this one, managed to change things up a little from past installments of Pokemon video games, making it a tad closer to the popular mobile game Pokemon: Go in terms of mechanics. When you encounter Pokemon in the wild as a trainer, you simply have to try to catch it with you Pokeball rather than battling it, a departure from many of the video games that have come out in the past.


Fans won't have to wait long to see if there are more real world jokes in the next installment of Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch is coming up with Pokemon Sword And Shield reportedly dropping this November. Whether or not Sword and Shield will be able to teach us any new life lessons is yet to be seen, but we here at Comicbook.com will be sure to let you know if they do.

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