Dragon Ball's Android 18 Joins Team Rocket in this Pokemon Crossover Cosplay

Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power brought Android 18 back into the spotlight as she joined to fight alongside Krillin for Universe 7, and it was a good reminder to fans why the character was such a hit when she was first introduced during the Android saga of the series. This has led to a boon of artists bringing the character to life through cosplay once more, so it can be tough to find a new spin to put on the character given her popularity.

But Cosplay Artist Sosenka (who you can find on Instragram here) found an interesting twist to put on Android 18 by having her join the ranks of Pokemon's Team Rocket. Check it out below!

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Sosenka has gotten a ton of attention online from Dragon Ball fans in particular as her realistic takes on characters like Universe 11's Jiren, Universe 6's Kale and Caulifla, and many other characters across the franchise have gone viral. It's the same case here as this spin on Android 18 is quickly becoming the next viral hit for the artist. But it does raise an interesting question of what Android 18 would do as a part of Team Rocket.


Not only does the Team Rocket uniform make Android 18 look like she's a member of the Red Ribbon Army once more, but it does leave a big question as to what Pokemon she would have on her team. Would she be like Jessie and use various snake Pokemon over the course of the anime? Would she team up with Android 17 here as well? Does Team Rocket already have Androids in their employ? It's fun to think about all of these wild questions, and thankfully this cosplay has sparked it all with a fun premise of Android 18 joining this terrible Pokemon crew.

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