Yu Yu Hakusho Live-Action Play Reveals Gorgeous Character Posters

Yu Yu Hakusho is a series that never goes out of style, and the team behind the series knows it. After all, the supernatural franchise is being revived this year for a live-action project, and fans can get their first-look at the venture at last.

And as you can see, Yusuke Urameshi is looking real good in real life.

Below, fans can find the first set of character posters released for Yu Yu Hakusho’s stage play. The stills were released by Natalie and show off leads like Yusuke, Kazuma Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama.

As for the actors, Tsubasa Sakiyama will play Yusuke Urameshi. The cast will also feature Naoya Goumoto as Kazuma Kuwabara, Hiroki Suzuki as Kurama, Shohei Hashimoto as Hiei, Mirai as Keiko Yukimura, Mio Kadoshima as Atsuko Urameshi, Yuka Hirata as Botan, Kenta Nitta as Gouki, Elizabeth Marry as Genkai, and Hirofumi Araki as Koenma.

The stage play will be based on the original series which Toshihiro Togashi penned decades ago. Office ENDLESS will produce the play with Chuji Mikasano writing its script. The writer, who has worked on Tokyo Ghoul, will see the show debut in late August at Tokyo’s Theater 1010 before moving to Osaka, Fukuoka, and Aichi through September.


This live-action adaptation is not the first one Yu Yu Hakusho has been given. In the past, the franchise has enjoyed outings on the stage with previous performances, and fans can always find the supernatural series on the small screen when they want. After all, Yu Yu Hakusho rose to fame thanks to its now-iconic anime series which recently made a comeback. Yu Yu Hakusho celebrated its recent 25th anniversary in a big way by reviving its anime for two special OVA projects which brought back director Noriyuki Abe as well as Nozomu Sasaki for Yusuke Urameshi, Shigeru Chiba for Kazuma Kuwabara, Megumi Ogata for Kurama, and Nobuyuki Hiyama for Hiei.

Yu Yu Hakusho was originally created by Yoshihiro Togashi for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1990. The story follows Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage delinquent who loses his life when he is hit by a car trying to save a child's life. After passing a series of tests, Yusuke is allowed to return to the living world but with a few caveats. With the gained ability to see spirits and demons, Yusuke is given the title of "Underworld Detective" and must solve various cases of spirits running amok in the living world.