This Massive Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplay Does Blue-Eyes White Dragon Right

There are popular Yu-Gi-Oh monsters, and then there is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. The Duel Monster remains one of the franchise's most iconic summons thanks to its ties with Seto Kaiba. These days, fans are bringing back the blue-eyed dragon in whatever way they can, and it seems a cosplayer got real ambitious with their take.

After all, one fan made a massive cosplay of Blue-Eyes White Dragon that will be lucky to make it through a hallway without scraping the sides.

Taking to Reddit, a fan posted an in-progress photo of their current cosplay. The image, which can be found below, shows how huge the cosplay is.

(WIP) Blue eyes white dragon cosplay that I'm currently working on. from r/yugioh

With white wing attached to the side, the cosplay has a light blue sheen to which honors the anime. Each of the dragon's teeth are plenty point, and the polished head piece moves into an armored torso. The cosplay also includes some epic claw attachments, and it is clear some work is still being down on the legs. However, fans can see the feet are slated to rock some impressive talons as well.

According to the cosplayer, the piece's wings and tails are both detachable. They are kept in place by magnets, so they are easy to put on or take off. As for the legs, they may look bent in this photo, but the fans says he is standing up straight. This was done to keep some of the cosplay's weight off his knees, so the heavy costume will not take too much of a toll.


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Yu-Gi-Oh! was originally created by Kazuki Takahashi for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and ran from September 1996 to March 2004. The series follows Yugi Mutou, a young boy who solves an ancient puzzle and is possessed by the spirit of the Egyptian pharoah. Being skilled at deadly games, the