Pokemon Fans Spot a Headless Wild Snorlax in Singapore

When it comes to Pokemon, most things are pretty well child-friendly. The brand knows its demographic, and it is not about to make big risks. Even with a live-action future ahead of it, Pokemon is all about life lessons and friendship at the end of the day. But over in Singapore, any unsuspecting Pokemon fan passing by one street would have been a bit traumatized after seeing a certain Snorlax on the street.

What makes this one so special, you ask? Well, it probably has to do with its look. After all, one fan snapped a photo in Singapore of a decapitated Snorlax on a side street, and we've still not recovered.

As you can see below, a user known as Jepoy Camaliga posted the photo on Facebook for others to see. The image shows a massive Snorlax beanbag sitting on the edge of a sidewalk in plain day, but it is missing a head. A load of stuffing can be seen springing from its headless nape, so it is truly a sight to see.

headless snorlax yikes

"Snorlax blocking the road and still ignoring poke flute," the fan wrote. "Ash: Charizard use CUT."

Clearly, something must have cut off Snorlax's head, and there is no telling what did it. This massive beanbag is not one to fall apart easily, so fans are curious about the story behind this monster. It seems like Snorlax's head was cleanly removed, so you can imagine the theories going around concerning this plush.

Of course, this fan could try to get another beanbag if they need it. The item went live a year or so back, and it cost about $150 USD before tax. Currently, the item is sold out, but Pokemon fans like this might get lucky with secondhand retailers if they have the patience.


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Pokemon: The Series, is now airing new episodes weekly in Japan, but unfortunately is still not officially licensed for an English language release as of this writing. There's also a brand new film on the way to Japan this Summer, Pokemon the Movie: Coco.