Hayao Miyazaki's Stressful Workflow Is Too Much

Hayao Miyazaki didn't become an anime legend over night, it took decades of work for not only the well known animator to make a name for himself, but to help in bringing Studio Ghibli the reputation it currently has. While Miyazaki had previously reported that he would be retiring from the world of animation, it seems that the siren song of anime was simply too strong for Hayao to resist for long. Having returned to Studio Ghibli, Miyazaki is currently working on two new films for the animation house for 2020. Recently, the head of International Sales for Ghibli revealed some of the insane workloads that Miyazaki placed onto his own shoulders!

Kotaku shared a number of quotes from the upcoming memoir of Steve Alpert, the previous Head of International Sales for Studio Ghibli for 15 years, that showed just how insane Miyazaki could be about the amount of work he'd put on his plate:

"Miyazaki was both finishing writing the film and beginning to meet with animators and review animation drawings. By the time Miyazaki started Part D, he would begin having doubts about whether the five parts and the length assigned to the film would be enough to contain the story. He usually had no idea how the film would end. He might have competing ideas about how it should end that he couldn’t resolve. Or he might have no idea at all. The animators would be catching up to Part D and the writing process would have slowed to a crawl.

A sense of impending crisis would seep into the studio. Miyazaki would stop writing and spend his time doing things unrelated to the film. He chopped wood for his studio’s Vermont cast iron stove. Someone would report it to Suzuki who would go over and try to get him to stop chopping wood and get back to work."

Clearly, Hayao is a master of his craft and lets his work overtake a large part of his life, even going so far as to chop wood to help fuel the fire of the studio itself. With the animation house producing two new films this year, as well as putting in the work to create an upcoming amusement park that is looking to bring some of the studio's major hits to life, it's clear that Miyazaki's workflow will be put to good use!


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Via Kotaku

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