My Hero Academia Preview Teases New Number One Hero

My Hero Academia is in need of a hero, specifically a new number one hero, and it looks like the anime is coming close to choosing a new one. Fans of the franchise can probably figure out who the new top hero will be, but it is still a big time event for the franchise to formally pass the torch from All Might to a new torch bearer, thanks in part to his retirement following his fight with All For One. With the world recognizing the "Symbol of Peace" being out of commission, the new number one has some big shoes to fill!

Of course, the next episode is pointing toward Endeavor finally taking the role of the new top hero in the world, with the flame based crime fighter long trailing in the shadow of All Might who has been the top dog for many a year. As the Cultural Festival Arc comes to a close following Gentle Criminal's defeat and Class 1-A's rocking performance, it's clear that a new story arc is on the horizon for UA Academy and the rest of the world of My Hero Academia. The question now is, will this new story take place in Season Four or will we have to wait for some time for it to arrive in Season Five?

With the preview for the next episode touting a grand ceremony for the decision to be made, along with a gathering of some of the biggest movers and shakers in the hero world, it's clear that this event will have numerous big reveals for the franchise. One of which is the arrival of the number three hero, most likely soon to be the number two in the anime, in Hawks. The fan favorite character, who becomes so important to the series in the future stories that are currently being told in the manga, is a complex character whose role expands exponentially as things continue to get hot and heavy for the heroes of the world.


This season, Endeavor and All Might had a heart to heart where Toshinori discussed with the flaming powerhouse why he can't exactly be the same kind of hero that the former "Symbol of Peace" prided himself on. With a temper that is as hot as his Quirk, Endeavor will have a lot to learn in connecting with the public before he is ready to become the spiritual successor to All Might!

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