'Aggretsuko' Is Raging Her First Ever Funko Pop Figures

Get ready, anime fans! If you are a big fan of the one and only Aggretsuko, then the adorably [...]

Get ready, anime fans! If you are a big fan of the one and only Aggretsuko, then the adorably angry mascot is about to make your Funko collection complete.

After all, the Sanrio icon is getting her own Pop figures, and they will bring your anime spirit animal to a shelf near you.

The new Funko line was revealed at the London Toy Fair over the weekend. A total of five figures will be released, and Funko is loving this new rock-n-roll red panda. Right now, fans can pre-order them all right here. So, fans will want to be sure they keep on checking for their favorite figure!

"The perfect companion for your death metal karaoke sessions is ready to go home as a Pop! figure. Pop! Aggretsuko is a vision of kindness and joy while Pop! Aggretsuko wielding a chainsaw and Pop! Rage Aggretsuko  are the embodiment of inner turmoil, rage and frustration. Collect them all because, like Aggretsuko, you're a complex individual with a lengthy emotional spectrum living in a complicated world."

Looking over the figures, fans can take things easy with a regular figure of Aggretsuko who is donning her usual work outfit. Of course, things won't be that calm for the entire collection. A second figure feature Aggretsuko wielding a chainsaw as she rages on with her eyes narrowed, and that is just the start.

If the chainsaw is too much, then you can get a rage version of Aggretsuko who is throwing up some heavy metal devil horns.

Finally, Target will have two exclusive figures of Aggretsuko for purchase. One will see the mascot in her date night outfit, showing off her bright smile and cream-colored sweater. As for the other exclusive, it will be of a raging Aggretsuko who towers as a 10" super-sized Pop figure.

You can head on over to our Funko London Toy Fair master list to keep track of all the new Pop figure releases and where you can reserve them for your collection. You can also check out our Funko page for details on standout waves and individual releases such as these pieces above!

So, which of these figures will you be picking up? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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