Aggretsuko's SungwonCho Would Love To Return To The Anime

Aggretsuko's third season brought back the red panda accountant and placed her into an insane new scenario where she became a member of a pop star group known as the "OTM Girls", and we recently had the opportunity to sit down with SungWon Cho and discuss his role of Hyodo, the girls' manager, and how he would love to return to the series created by Sanrio. SungWon is a talented voice actor who has lent his acting skills to the likes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Borderlands 3, showing how big of a range he current;y has!

Hyodo is a serious character in the latest season of Aggretsuko, encountering Retsuko via a vehicular accident that crosses the paths of the manager with the timid accountant who isn't afraid to let it loose when it comes to singing death metal in a karaoke bar. Though a fourth season hasn't been confirmed as of yet, considering how recently the third season had dropped on the streaming service, our interview with SungWon Cho shows that he is more than excited to dive back into this role that opens up brand new doors in the life of Retsuko, as well as saying the titular line of the series for the first time!

(Photo: Studio Fanworks)

In chatting with "ProZD's" SungWon Cho, he broke down just how much he loves the character he helps bring to life in Aggretsuko and how he is legitimately rooting for both his character and the OTM Girls, crossing his fingers that their futures will be bright:

"I would love for Hyodo to come back, selfish reasons aside of course. I genuinely love the character, along with Monica and the OTM Girls. I think they're awesome characters. I would love to see any of them return. I don't know what kind of role they would play, but I'd love to see where they're at. I'm legit rooting for them."

Beside being one of the funniest series currently on Netflix, this season made the show one of the darkest in exploring the more dangerous side of the life of a "pop idol" as Aggretsuko realizes that her new life comes with its own unique perils.


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