Akira May Have Predicted the Tokyo Olympics Delay Years Ago

It goes without saying that the ongoing pandemic has shifted much of the global community. Well over a billion people are now sheltering in place to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, and Japan recently made the call to postpone its 2020 Olympic Games until next year. This response is unprecedented for so many, but according to a recent discovery, the creator of Akira may have predicted the event years ago.

For those who are not aware of Akira, the series is an iconic one amongst anime fans and sci-lovers. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world which takes place in the year 2020. It finds its stars living in Neo Tokyo, and the series predicted way back then that the city would host the Olympic Games in 2020... which came true. Now, one fan has noticed something eerie about the story's take on the Summer Games as Akira was also forced to shutdown its Olympics.

Over on Twitter, user Aitaikimochi checked out the Akira anime, and it was there they noticed some text graffitied on a wall outside of the Tokyo arena. It turns out the event was cancelled, and the translation is "close enough" for some to theorize a possible postponement.

"I can't believe the movie Akira's prediction of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 being postponed was somewhat accurate. The graffiti on the wall says "cancelled 中止" but the word "postponement" is actually 延期 (enki) but close enough...damn.."


This is not the first time Akira has come into the news for its vision of 2020. Earlier this year, one fan noticed the series' tumultuous setting was also afflicted by a mysterious virus. The outbreak is never named in the manga, but a poster can be seen in the background criticizing officials' response to the infectious disease, and many were quick to connect the plot point to our own ongoing pandemic. And with this Olympics detail added to the mix, fans are eyeing Akira in both awe and fear these days.

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