Wait, 'Animal Crossing' Has An Anime Movie?

When it comes to mobile apps, Animal Crossing is all the rage right now. Nintendo released its [...]

When it comes to mobile apps, Animal Crossing is all the rage right now. Nintendo released its first smartphone game this month to the public, and fans are being reminded just why they fell for the simulation series years ago. However, anime fans have been able to keep up with Tom Nook in a different sort of way.

After all, Japan did release a full-length movie based on the video game franchise.

In December 2006, fans of Animal Crossing were gifted a feature film about the series. The anime movie was released shortly after Animal Crossing: Wild World was debuted for the Nintendo DS. Japanese theaters held special screenings for the feature, and audiences were given codes for special in-game goodies with their tickets. The film, which is known as Dōbutsu no Mori, never got an English dub, but there are fans in the West who have come to enjoy the film.

If you are unfamiliar with the adaptation, then you should know it follows a protagonist named Ai after she arrives in a new village. Even though she knows none of her neighbors, Ai comes to meet familiar characters like Apollo, Tom Nook, Rosie, and more. Ai becomes particularly good friends with a very fashionable elephant named Margie, but things don't remain peaceful for long.

As the film moves forward, Ai's town finds how difficult it is to live alone. Margie moves away suddenly as Animal Crossing characters are want to do, and the heroine has to work hard to pay off her home loan.

Animal Crossing: The Movie is not meant to engage fans with its story, but its nostalgia factor is enough to make any diehard gamer interested. The film works hard to show off its games' mechanics, and it is hard to watch the film and not want to pick up your nearest Animal Crossing title. Playing the series is now as easy as picking up your phone, so Animal Crossing fans won't be left hanging after they dive into its little-known feature film.

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