Pokemon Fan Brings All of Ash Ketchum's Looks to Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is currently in the hands of a ton of Nintendo Switch owners, and fans around the world have already seen many of the wild custom creations that many have put into their own private islands. It's been an especially fun time for anime fans too as not only has anime officially made its way into the game with an otaku villager, but even a special Godzilla add-on as well. But that's nowhere near all the creativity anime fans have brought to this new game as one fan has managed to craft all of Ash Ketchum's outfits throughout the years.

The Pokemon anime has been running for over 20 years at this point, and while Ash Ketchum has remained at the center for each of them the anime has kept things fresh by giving the hero a brand new makeover with each generation. @kimi_do_pk has paid tribute to all of these different looks by coolly bringing them all into the game with Ash outfits ranging from the very first anime to the newest series. Check them out:

The newest Ash Ketchum in the current iteration of the franchise is probably the most changed out of all the incarnations of Ash thus far. Keeping in line with the canon of the first series, this Ash Ketchum is now aiming for the top of Pokemon World Championships rather than just make his way through yet another gym challenge for the hopes of taking on a new league.


This Ash Ketchum is a Alola League Champion after all, so it does stand to reason that he's setting his sights on something different for a change! Ash's outside appearance might have been drastically altered over the years, but for the first time it feels like Ash himself is truly changing with the newest anime in the franchise. But it helps to see just how far he's come over the years when all of his outfits are gathered together in a fun new way like this!

Are you playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons right now? What are some of the favorite outfits you have seen in the new game? What's your favorite version of Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!