This Life-Size Anime Statue Costs More Than a Car

Anime fans will go the distance if it means getting prized collectibles. There are dedicated collectors who will travel halfway across the world to get their hands on goodies, and they will spend big bucks to do so. However, it seems a new piece of merchandise may be pushing the limit for some. It turns out one best girl is getting a life-size statue, but it will cost any buyers a house down payment if they want to bring it home.

Over on Twitter, otakujp gave fans the heads up on the insanely expensive purchase. It turns out Macross Frontier is giving Sheryl Nome a life-size statue. The figure will stand at a whopping 5'6" and cost fans more than $20,000 USD.

And yes, that total is before shipping and handling. You better think long and hard about this purchase before going in on a loan to get it.

As you can see above, the figure is a gorgeous one which recreates Sheryl perfectly. Created by KD Colle, the figure sees the heroine with her long blond hair down in curls. With a microphone up to her mouth, the blue-eyed girl is ready to perform in a revealing purple dress with a red-lined corset.

For anyone legitimately curious in this statue, it will cost a pretty penny. The figure is listed for 2.4 million yen which equates to $22,000 USD. With that kind of money, you could afford an actual down payment on a home or buy a new car outright.


If this collectible doesn't do it for you, then you should know there are others like it. Japan has created several life-size statues for its top anime series. Not long ago, a company in China helped made a life-size Naruto statue which also retailed for a whopping $22,000 USD. The figure went on pre-sale earlier this summer so buyers would get a made-to-order statue, so it seems Sheryl is the latest anime icon to get such a collectible after Naruto.

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