Japan's Most Famous Anime School Is Opening Online Classes

Anime is bigger these days than ever before, so you can imagine what sort of strain the industry is under. While the success is welcomed, everyone from artists to directors and animators is under all sorts of pressure. Despite ongoing industry strains, people are lining up to work in anime however possible, and one of its most famous trade schools is making the dream more accessible with online classes.

The change comes from Yoyogi Animation Academy, one of Japan's best trade schools for artists. The school dates back to 1978 and has produced some of the best animators to make a name for themselves in anime and manga. And after years of work, the school is finally opening an online program for aspiring artists that is entirely remote.

The school announced its Full Remote School track just recently, and it is already sparking buzz with fans. According to the announcement, this new track will consist of online lessons made for remote students specifically. These lessons will be paired with live streams of in-person classes, so students will be able to interact with instructors in real time. And if students want personalized attention, they will be given one-on-one weekly interviews with teachers to get feedback.

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The Full Remote School track also confirmed it will have three areas of focus for students to choose from. You can join the Department of Animation, Department of Manga, or Department of NFT Illustration. These online classes will begin this fall as Yoyogi Animation Academy wants to kick off its inaugural class ASAP. If the new track performs well, a new class should be brought in this April, so artists better get their portfolios together ASAP!

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