's Holiday Gift Guide for Anime Streaming Fans

We're already deep into the holiday season, and suppose you have an anime fan in your life but [...]

We're already deep into the holiday season, and suppose you have an anime fan in your life but don't have the time to buy an expensive gift, ship it, and wrap it? What is there left to do? Did you know that many anime fans pay towards subscription services that let them watch their favorite series as they release in Japan? Did you know that you could actually make an anime fan's holiday by taking some of the pressure off of paying for a monthly subscription each and every month?

That's right! There's actually quite a few options to celebrate the anime fan in your life without much ado or trouble. By taking the direct approach and gifting that special someone in your life an anime subscription, you'll be a hero for the holidays! But which subscriptions offer both a gift card and come with tons of streaming shows? is here to help you outside with some last-minute streaming gifts!

Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll is one of the major players when it comes to anime streaming! Offering currently running mega hits such as My Hero Academia, One Piece, Black Clover, along with many classic hits such as the line of Naruto and Inuyasha films, Crunchyroll offers plenty of major anime series right alongside their premieres in Japan with English subtitles. Although this service offers anime for free the week after they premiere, a subscription gets you high quality releases without ads!

Where to Buy: Crunchyroll for $7.99 for one month, $22.99 for three months, and $79.99 for 12 months.

FunimationNOW: Funimation is another major player that offers series like My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Black Clover as well, but also offers English dub releases for many of the major series! Their SimulDub process sees several English dubbed anime episodes not only releasing not long after their original debut in Japan, but can even release on the same day such as My Hero Academia Season 4! Funimation gets its own batch of exclusive series each new season, and a membership gets you access to both new releases and a back catalog of other titles!

Where to Buy: Funimation for $25 (gift card also works on non-membership goods)

HIDIVE: Sentai Filmworks' streaming service isn't too be scoffed at either! This service not only offers some of the hottest series currently running today such as Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld and Ahiru no Sora, but long awaited English dubs of classic series such as Haikyuu's third season, Golden Time, and more! What sets HIDIVE apart from the others is an offering of uncensored releases. But not to worry, there's parental controls as well!

Where to Buy: Sentai Filmworks for $15

VRV: If these services sound good to you, but you aren't quite sure which one to get, there's also a service that bundles Crunchyroll and HIDIVE together with several other offerings from Nick Splat, Rooster Teeth, Mondo, Boomerang, and Cartoon Hangover completely free of ads! So not only will you get a full selection of anime series (sans exclusive offerings from Funimation or other services not mentioned), but a bunch of other animation and live-action hits as well!

Where to Buy: GameStop for $10

Hulu: Although Hulu is a service more known for its television offerings, it has a huge library of both classic and newer anime releases too! Including some seasonal offerings from Funimation as they release, Hulu has a few major exclusives of its own such as the long awaited English dub release for Gintama! Hulu has its own share of originals as well, so even if your anime fan's well runs dry there is lots more to enjoy!

Where to Buy: GameStop for $25

Netflix: Netflix has been getting more and more into the anime game, and fans have been reaping the rewards of this effort for the last couple of years. Netflix's release scheduled isn't as fast as some of the other streaming services on this list, but it's also one of the most easy to use and offers an increasingly growing collection of exclusive hits such as Carole and Tuesday, Kakegurui, and the Godzilla film trilogy to name a few. Many of the series offer both an English subtitled and English dubbed release upon their release, and there are more to explore every day!

Where to Buy: GameStop for $30

Amazon Prime Video: It's admittedly the priciest of the anime streaming offerings, but a membership admittedly covers a wider range of services. Amazon Prime continues to offer some of the biggest exclusives each anime season such as Vinland Saga, Dororo, and Blade of the Immortal, and anime tend to get away with a lot more in terms of brutality and other presentational quirks. But a Prime membership also opens someone up to faster delivery, Twitch, other exclusive live-action shows and more!

Where to Buy: Amazon for $39 for three months and $119 for 12 months

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