'Attack On Titan' New Chapter Reveals [SPOILER'S] Death

Warning! Massive spoilers for Attack on Titan's 100th chapter lie below!

At long last, Attack on Titan has reached its 100th chapter, and the release seems to pack as as much of a punch as readers hoped. Kodansha will formally release the chapter this week, but scans of the update went live earlier today. And, in a stunning twist, the chapter all but confirmed Willy Tybur has bit the dust.

The manga's latest chapter is a complicated one, but Willy's part in it was profound. The leader of the Tybur family continued his speech before a massive Marleyan crowd about Paradis and its history. Willy pleaded for the crowd to join Marley's forces in confronting Paradis since the island has lost control of the Founding Titan. According to the man, the people of Marley and Eldia will need to team up against the threat, and Willy even goes so far as to make a declaration of war.

However, the presumed inheritor of the War Hammer Titan doesn't look like he will get to go to the front lines.

Before Willy realizes, the stage he's using to make his appeal is obliterated by a massive explosion. Eren's Titan form launches from underneath the stage, demolishing everything around it and surely killing off a few Marleyan citizens along the way. Willy is caught directly in the Titan's path as it shifts into life, and the chapter's final panel sees the Tybur leader ripped in half. Also, Willy's neck looks pretty broken. There is also that.


Of course, if Willy is the War Hammer inheritor, his ability to regenerate may help him live through the traumatic ordeal. However, fans seem fairly convinced the man is dead. Willy was able to incite a revolution against Paradis before Eren transformed before all of Marley. So, Willy's final wish to see war get underway seems like it will be coming true.

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