Attack On Titan Cosplayer Highlights An Annie And Mikasa Fusion

Attack On Titan's fourth season of the anime has yet to bring back Annie in any substantial way but has recently brought back Mikasa in a fierce new light, with one Cosplayer taking the opportunity to show off a unique fusion of the two Survey Corps members. Though Annie and Mikasa's relationship was never quite on the "up and up" when they were both fighting for the Children of Ymir, it was destroyed when Annie was revealed to be the Female Titan, causing Mikasa to raise her swords against her former friend to save the denizens within the walls!

The final season of Attack On Titan has focused on the nation of Marley and the Eldians within it that are attempting to inherit the power of the Nine Titans, including the Beast and the Armored versions currently held by Reiner and Zeke Jaeger. The Survey Corps returned in full force in the latest episode, however, as Mikasa was able to help out Eren and his goal of striking a serious blow against the country that had tormented them for so long throughout the years. With Mikasa worried about the atrocities that Jaeger has committed in the short amount of time since he unleashed the power of the Attack Titan, expect some big things from Ackermann as the series marches forward toward its conclusion!

Instagram Cosplayer Saiya_Cosplay shared this unique take on both Mikasa and Armin, the two strongest female soldiers within the Survey Corps who eventually found themselves at one another's throats when the first season of the anime came to a close:

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Annie is currently trapped within a crystalline prison of her own making, seemingly having been trapped for years to escape the clutches of the Survey Corps who would like nothing more than to get some serious intel from her following her attack on the Walls.


With only a handful of chapters left in Attack On Titan's manga, the true ending of the series is still up in the air, though rest assured that both Annie and Mikasa will have roles to play as the finale of the Survey Corps inches ever closer.

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