Attack On Titan Cosplay Gives Us A Realistic Eren Jaeger Titan Form

Attack On Titan has just released its fourth trailer for the final season of the anime, and with it, fans are flipping out over the upcoming adventures of Eren Jaeger and the Survey Corps, and one Attack On Titan fan has put together a cosplay, prior to the trailer's release, that gives us a realistic take on Eren's Titan form, the Attack Titan! Eren managed to access the power of the Titans in the first season of the franchise and ever since, has been an instrumental part in Eldia's fight against the nation of Marley!

As fans who have been following the manga know, Eren has taken a much different path from where he started in the series, deciding to use his power in order to change the world around him and put a stop to the war that has been raging between the two factions for hundreds of years. With the final season of the anime promising to bring a wrap to Eren and the Survey Corps' story, it will definitely be interesting to see how Eren's Attack Titan form, and the new abilities that he has acquired along the way, will come into play.

Instagram Cosplayer Taylor Malone shared this jaw dropping cosplay that perfectly brings Eren Jaeger's Titan form to life, terrifying jaw and all, and while it might not be the same size as the gigantic Titan, it most assuredly retains the spirit of the anime protagonist:

Eren Jaeger's journey as a Titan has been an interesting and heart rending one as he discovered the origins of his father and why he has the ability to transform into a Titan himself. Discovering that his brother is the Beast Titan and that his father was performing nefarious deeds certainly has enlightened him on a number of different things, and the finale of Attack On Titan is looking to bring his story to an explosive conclusion!

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