Attack On Titan Creator Gives Thoughts On Final Season

The final season of Attack On Titan has been making the rounds today thanks in part to the release for the first trailer for the fourth season of the anime as well as some key visuals that give us a hint into the final battles that will take place between Marley and Eldia, but the creator of the series has also lent his thoughts on the upcoming finale in conjunction with the big release! Hajime Isayama originally created the manga in 2009, with the anime adaptation sky rocketing it to levels of popularity unseen by many other anime!

While the manga is still continuing the story created by Hajime Isayama, the anime is sure to take into account the final events of the war between Marley and Eldia as the Titans run rampant across the world and the truth of their history was discovered by Eren and his friends within the Survey Corps. The final season will be switching anime studios from Wit Studio, which was responsible for the first three seasons of Attack On Titan's anime, to Studio MAPPA which is hoping to uphold the quality that has been established by the previous animation house. Based on the trailer that we've seen, it looks like we might not have anything to worry about when it comes to ending things with a bang.

AOTWiki shared this comment from Attack On Titan creator, Hajime Isayama, stating that he was so thankful for the support of fans of the franchise, thanks Wit Studio for the work they have done, and hopes to make new memories with the animators and creative minds currently working at Studio MAPPA:

In the past, Hajime has given updates on what he believes he'll be doing following the conclusion of Attack On Titan, joking that he might open a bath house and try to really enjoy his "retirement" and with the level of quality and popularity that the franchise has earned throughout the years, Isayama has certainly earned his eventual retirement. With the final story of Attack On Titan coming closer and closer in both the anime and the manga, it's clear that the franchise is looking to end things strong across all fronts!

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