Attack On Titan Creator Reveals the Finale Moment He Winged

Attack On Titan creator has revealed that one now-infamous moment of the finale was actually improvised in the moment, as he was writing the manga's finale chapter. According to Hajime Isayama (via Baidu and Reddit), Eren Yeager's whiny line of dialogue "No, I don't want that!" was something that he just went with, during the process of drawing the panels for the scene. Now that line of dialogue from Eren has become a major focal point for a lot of fans, in the larger discussion of the overall controversial Attack On Titan ending. hearing that it wasn't exactly part of Isayama's deeper plan for the series' resolution won't make critics feel any better.

Warning: Attack On Titan manga ending SPOILERS Follow!

The scene of Eren Yeager and Armin takes place prior to the final battle between Eren (as the Founding Titan) and the combined forces of his former Survey Corps friends (Armin, Mikasa, Levi) and Marley rivals (Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart). However, Eren hides the memory from Armin using the Founding Titan's powers, until after the final battle is over and Eren is dead. In the conversation, Eren for the first (and only) time during the series lets his detached demeanor drop as he sheepishly pines for Mikasa, knowing he will die and never be with her.

Attack On Titan Creator Reveals Finale Moment Improvised Eren I Dont Want That

The line "No, I don't want that!" is what Eren screams when Armin challenges the idea that Mikasa should grow old, love, and be happy without Eren. There's been a good deal of controversy over the dialogue, as many Attack On Titan fans feel the scene (and specifically the words) are incredibly contradictory to Eren's character. Chat threads are still lit up with debate over how Attack On Titan depicted Eren and Mikasa's relationship; some say it was meant to be a one-sided crush (Mikasa liking Eren), others say Eren's repressed feelings were always there.

Either way, few fans seem to enjoy Eren's characterization in this scene with Armin, and the whiny line "No, I don't want that!" is already on its way to becoming a meme that it immortalized in anime discussion threads, forever.

This scene between Eren and Armin is just one aspect of Attack On Titan's finale (and really, the entire final arc) that has fans wondering if there will be significant changes to the ending of the anime series. Simple tweaks of dialogue to lines like "No, I don't want that!" could in fact go a long way to addressing fan concerns (if not disappointments) with how the series ended on the manga page.

We'll see when Attack On Titan's final episodes air in winter 2022.