Attack On Titan Confront Gabi and Falco with the Impact of Sasha's Death

Attack On Titan's fourth season is inching toward its big finale, with many believing that the [...]

Attack On Titan's fourth season is inching toward its big finale, with many believing that the second half of the anime is about to be announced, and the latest installment has been perhaps one of the series most suspenseful episodes to date with Falco and Gabi having to deal with the ramifications of Sasha's death. With Gabi delivering the killing blow to Sasha after the warrior candidates were able to sneak aboard the airship that was returning the Survey Corps to the island of Paradis, it's clear that more than a few folks aren't thrilled with her decision.

In the latest episode of the anime, titled "Children of the Forest", we saw Sasha's parents bringing their motley crew of orphans to receive a meal promised to them by the Marleyian captive known as Nicolo. When Kaya suggests that both Gabi and Falco meet with Nicolo, who might be able to set them up with a return trip to their homes in Marley, they, unfortunately, didn't realize just what they had taken from the cook. After sharing their story with the cook, Nicolo realized that Gabi was the one to shoot Sasha and thus immediately strikes both her and Falco, knocking them unconscious.

Attack On Titan Gabi Falco Sasha
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As Nicolo drags their bodies to Sasha's parents, he begs them to exact revenge upon the warrior candidates who had stolen the life of their daughter. Luckily for Gabi and Falco, Sasha's folks decide to not continue the line of revenge that had led them to this point, but the same can't be said of Kaya, who attempts to bury a knife directly into Gabi's head, which is stopped by Mikasa in the nick of time.

Revenge has been a massive part of Attack On Titan, with the seemingly never-ending search for revenge permeating most of the characters within Hajime Isayama's dark anime epic. Sasha's parents managing to "break the chain" was definitely impressive, though Gabi and Falco's troubles are far from over. As the episode wraps, Eren Jaeger makes a surprise appearance, alongside his band of Jaegerists, boding some troublesome seas ahead for all parties involved.

Gabi clearly has had her belief that the "island devils" are all evil shaken, and it will be interesting to see how this continues to play out as the series continues.

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