Attack on Titan Season 4 Sets Up Eren's Confession to Mikasa

Attack on Titan has a lot on its plate right now, but for the time being, season four is done. The show will return next year to finish out Hajime Isayama's manga, and episode 87 gave netizens a lot to chew on until that comeback. For instance, the release has everyone buzzing thanks to Eren and a question of his. After all, the hero got dangerously close to confessing his feelings for Mikasa, and the scene is about to become an iconic one within the fandom.

The scene, as you can see below, shows Eren and Mikasa during an undercover visit to Marley. Attack on Titan episode 87 shows most of Eren's friends as they explore the rival nation, and Eren goes through some wild revelations during his travels. The boy is given a firsthand view of the nation's best and worst aspects. And in the end, Eren's thoughts on the Ackerman clan lead him to ask Mikasa a special question.

Eren finds the courage to ask Mikasa what she thinks of him, and he doesn't mean in a casual sense. He wants to know what he means to Mikasa, and fans have a good idea. After all, Mikasa has never been shy about her love for Eren, and you can tell the boy wants to hear her admit as much.

Unfortunately, Eren's meager confession fizzles before it can get going. Mikasa is struck silent by his question, but when she answers, it is hardly the truth. She simply tells Eren he is precious to her as family, and he accepts the answer with ease. However, fans can see the indecision in Mikasa when she answers, and that is because netizens already know her heart. Mikasa has been in love with Eren for years, and it has nothing to do with her bloodline. The childhood friends have been it for each other this whole time, but they are only now realizing that much.

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However, their romance has become all but impossible at this point. Eren is determined to cull humanity, and he turned against Mikasa and all his friends to see his wish out. Now, Eren and Mikasa are on separate sides of a war, and the former will stop at nothing to see his dream become a reality. And despite her true feelings, Mikasa will do whatever it takes to stop Eren.

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