Attack on Titan's Final Season Release Reportedly Moved to December

Attack on Titan has kept fans in the dark about its fourth season for some time now. The show will share its final season sometime this year, but reports have conflicted as of late regarding its release date. Now, it seems a more concrete release date has been discovered, and it would put out Attack on Titan this December if correct.

The information comes from overseas as netizens began to sleuth around the website for Attack on Titan. The search took place shortly after two reports announced both Funimation and Crunchyroll will stream season four later this year. The reports were intentionally vague about any specific release windows, so fans took it upon themselves to sleuth for clues and found a mighty one.

After all, a curious press release was found on the official website. It was there that Attack on Titan fans read about a new release date, and it points out December 7 as the show's debut. The date December 7 is pointed out in the press release as the premiere with the first episode going live shortly after midnight.

Attack On TItan Finale Survive
(Photo: Wit Studio )

For fans overseas, this release date means the first episode would air on December 6. For instance, fans in the United States would expect the show to debut on December 6 given the time difference in Japan. This means fans can go ahead and tentatively schedule their virtual watch parties for December 6, but no official word has been given not the premiere yet. Though this press release is on the anime's official site, neither NHK nor MAPPA have publicly commented on the release date of Attack on Titan as of yet.

What do you make of this new report? Do you think Attack on Titan will save this debut for December? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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