Attack On Titan Kicks Off Gabi's Redemption Arc

Attack On Titan's final season is taking the opportunity to explore the lives of both the denizens of Paradis as well as the soldiers of Marley, both young and old. With the fourth season introducing viewers to the story of Gabi, a young soldier training to become the Armored Titan, it seems that the Eldian under Marley's control is seeing how the world differs from what she was taught and might just have big implications on the final installments of Hajime Isayama's dark epic. 

With the forces of Marley being led by the Armored Titan Reiner, Colt, the brother of Falco, has managed to not only find his brother, but also assist Gabi in coming back into contact with her best friend. With both Falco and Gabi competing to receive the power of the Titans, the Armored Titan specifically, the former is attempting to defeat the love of his life to save her from the dangers that are set upon whoever wields this awesome power, including a much shorter lifespan. As Falco reveals the fact that he loves Gabi and wants to settle down with her, the young soldier learns that her original thoughts on the Eldians of Paradis was misfound.

As viewers of the series know, Gabi was responsible for the death of Sasha following Eren's attack on the nation of Marley, being brought in, ironically, by Sasha's family when both herself and Falco found themselves behind enemy lines. Following her overhearing the love and hate that Sasha's family has for Gabi, the potential Armored Titan in training realizes that the citizens of Paradis were never devils, but were rather people just like herself attempting to live their lives while struggling with the numerous threats being sent their way. 

With her newfound understanding of the conflict, Gabi ventures forth alongside Falco and Colt in an attempt to stop Zeke from screaming, considering Falco currently has the spinal fluid flowing through his system as well. Gabi is quite the conflicted character, acting as something of a dark reflection to Eren's earlier days, but it seems as though the young Marleyian soldier is changing in some major ways.

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