Attack on Titan Teases a Founding Titan Reversal in Latest Chapter

Attack on Titan is teasing a Founding Titan reversal with its latest chapter! Attack on Titan will [...]

Attack on Titan is teasing a Founding Titan reversal with its latest chapter! Attack on Titan will be officially ending with its final chapter next month, and the penultimate chapter of the series is setting the stage for this ending in a huge way. With some of the events taking place in this penultimate chapter, however, it's setting the stage for potentially most heart wrenching endings than fans could ever have predicted for this series as a whole. But there's one development that could tease one final swerve for this doomed world before it all comes to an end.

Chapter 138 of Attack on Titan reveals Eren's final Titan transformation and his final effort to take out the remaining forces of the world. Having been separated from the Founding Titan's power due to Zeke's death, however, means that we got one strange final cameo from the founder herself at the end of the chapter as she gives off a brief smile when seeing one particular emotional moment.

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With the chapter revealed Armin and Reiner's final attack on Eren not only failing, but leading to the full unleashing of Eren's true final Titan transformation, the penultimate chapter of the series continues with a sense of major doom and dread. One of the biggest apocalyptic moments, however, is when the Survey Corps and the last bits of humanity all being infected with the same spinal fluid gas they had seen used prior.

After they transform into Titans, this only leaves the remaining Titan hosts and the two Ackermans as the final ones alive. Following one final conversation with Eren through a special connection, Mikasa does make it to Eren's real body and deals the final blow to him. As she separates his head from his spine, Mikasa begins to kiss him. The more curious part is Ymir appears behind them.

Now what does this mean? With Ymir smiling, something she has yet to do in all of her appearances as the Founding Titan, it could be revealed that this kind of connection between an Eldian and an Ackerman is something she's been seeking. This could also lead to a full on reversal of these final Titan transformations. It won't save everyone Eren has killed, but it could save those final people that have been lost.

This could be a bad move, but if this reversal doesn't change everything about this final arc (and thus save Eren in the process), it could make for a better ending. But what do you think? Do you think a reversal is on the way? Will the world remained doomed with the final chapter? How would you want to see Attack on Titan come to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!