Attack on Titan: How Many More Chapters Are Left of the Manga?

Attack on Titan has been one of the highest-rated manga series for the last few years, but all good things must come to an end. Creator Hajime Isayama knew he would have to part with his characters at some point, and it seems the artist has chosen this spring for a finale. It was announced recently that Attack on Titan will end in April 2021, so fans have one big question on their mind: how many chapters are left of the manga?

Well, the answer to this question is easy to figure out. Attack on Titan has always been published monthly, and the chapter for January has yet to come out. This means there should be four more chapters of Attack on Titan in the vault.

Attack On Titan Chapter 136 Update
(Photo: Kodansha)

Of course, this could change should Attack on Titan take a surprise break. This is highly unlikely as the manga has never taken a break willingly. In fact, it took the pandemic last year to force Isayama to take a break, but Kodansha made up for the missing chapter as soon as possible.

There is also a chance Attack on Titan could order an extra chapter ahead of the finale. This is more likely than a delay, but that is not saying much. The most recent chapters of Attack on Titan have been extremely weighty in content and length. It is far more likely that Isayama will simply make these final four chapters longer than to debut a new chapter in its entirety.


With just a few chapters left to go, fans are eager to see how Attack on Titan will play out. Chapter 136 is slated to publish on January 9, so it is just days away at this point. And given how the manga's final arc is faring, readers can expect more death and destruction to litter this series up until the very end.

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