Attack on Titan Creator Reveals They Are Planning a New Manga

The creator of Attack on Titan spent years of their life with Eren Jeager, but as of late, he's done little but rest. After all, Hajime Isayama brought his manga to a close some years ago, and Attack on Titan will close for good this year. The anime will drop its last episodes soon enough, and Isayama kicked off press for the finale a few months back. And during a recent appearance, Isayama stunned fans when he announced he'll try to take up the pen soon.

The update comes from Isayama's recent appearance in France. The creator showed up at a comic convention to talk about all things Attack on Titan and his career. When asked by a moderator about the future, the creator said he's been working on a special project behind the scenes.

"This hasn't been announced yet," he shared (via pikaedition). "But maybe I'll pick up my pen and release another 15 pages. I can't promise you all anything, but thanks to all your applause, I will do my best."

So, there you have it. Isayama has not given up on the idea of manga. The artist is enjoying his well-earned vacation these days, but Isayama could be persuaded to publish more in the future so long as fans pledge their support.

As for what Isayama might ink, well – that is a good question. The artist has said time and again that they have no plans to continue Attack on Titan. There will be no sequels on the horizon, but there are parts of the story Isayama admits he'd be interested in expanding. During an interview with Crunchyroll at Anime NYC, Isayama said he would be interested in exploring more of Levi's history. So if we are lucky, maybe we will learn more about humanity's best soldier down the line...!

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