'Attack on Titan' Drops Grisly New Poster Featuring Eren

The latest cover for Bessatsu Shonen Magazine shows a frightening look at Attack on Titan's Eren [...]

The latest cover for Bessatsu Shonen Magazine shows a frightening look at Attack on Titan's Eren Yeager.

The cover will appear on the front of the September issue of Shonen Magazine's monthly edition, though it will also undoubtedly make for a great poster. It shows Eren as he looks now in the manga — long hair pulled back, older and more muscular than he appears in the anime. He clutches his head and stares down in dead-eyed horror as the face of his Titan form screams behind him.

Warning! Major manga spoilers for Attack on Titan ahead.

[Manga Spoilers] Bessatsu Shonen Magazine Cover - September 2018 issue from r/ShingekiNoKyojin

As many fans know, the manga is painfully far ahead of the acclaimed anime series. The show is roughly halfway through the story that has been told so far in the manga, but many of the biggest revelations and plot points lie ahead. This includes Eren's new look — both in human and Titan form — and his badly shaken sanity.

"That background. If that's what's raging in Eren's mind, he's showing humongous restraint," one fan commented.

"Just a peek into Eren's sanity at the moment," echoed another.

Some felt that Eren had passed the point of no return, while others felt that he was more sane than ever. Others argued that Eren had been out of his mind since the story first began.

"Too bad that bad day was the first chapter," a commenter quipped. "It ain't about will Eren lose his mind. He did that long ago. The question is, is Eren past the point of no return?"

"Hmm I don't know. I think he's still mostly together. He's just very pro-Island right now," said another. "To me him losing it would be a complete betrayal of the scouts (not just going rogue) and people within the walls to make sure things end the way he thinks they should."

Even by his own standards, Eren's behavior has been reckless and poorly thought out in recent manga chapters. After traveling to a Marleyan base just to confront Reiner, he took on his Titan form and began destroying everything around him with reckless abandon — including many civilians.

It will be a long time before fans of the manga or the anime can make sense of the world of Attack on Titan. The show weaves a web of intricate conspiracies, asking more questions each time it answers one.

Attack on Titan simulcasts on Hulu, Crunchyroll and Funiation in the U.S. New episodes premiere every Monday at 2 p.m. ET.