'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Blu-ray Release Announced

It took a few years for Wit Studio to release Attack on Titan’s second season, but it did get [...]

It took a few years for Wit Studio to release Attack on Titan's second season, but it did get there. Earlier this year, the acclaimed anime returned to TV for a shortened new season, and Funimation just announced when it will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD.

Not long ago, Funimation announced its slate of home video releases for February 2018. A slew of titles like ALL OUT!! and more will be packaged for purchase, and Attack on Titan's second season will join them.

"Show yourself some love this February with great anime titles! Fairy Tail Collection 11, Attack on Titan Season 2, Dragon Ball Super Part 3, Keijo!!!!!!!!, and more are sure to keep you warm this winter. Oh yeah and Yuri!!! On Ice too," Funimation wrote on its blog.

On February 6, Yuri!!! on ICE will be the first title up for sale by Funimation. Fans can get a deluxe copy of the Blu-ray/DVD combo or a normal set. The same goes for Keijo!!!!!!!! when it goes on sale the same day.

February 13 will see the release of Akiba's Trip: The Complete Series as well as Fairy Tail's eleventh set. Monster Hunter Stories Ride On: Season One and Touken Ranbu Hanamaru will also debut on that same date.

Dragon Ball Super fans will be able to pick up a next volume of the anime come February 20. The show's third volume will go on sale in both Blu-ray and DVD packs. Attack on Titan will follow the Dragon Ball release when it goes on sale February 27. The month will also wrap up its releases with Izetta: The Last Witch and Scar-red Rider XechS: Complete Series.

If you are not familiar with Attack on Titan, then you should know the popular anime is renowned for its intense action and gritty story lines. The anime follows a boy named Eren Yeager in an alternate world overrun by massive creatures known as Titans.

These mindless beasts have all but wiped out humanity, and mankind is left to cower in fear behind massive walls. When their sanctum is infiltrated by a slew of Titans, Eren and his friends Armin and Mikasa join the military to help eradicate the blood-thirty monsters. But, as they grow older, they learn that the beasts are not what they appear as long-held government conspiracies make themselves known.