Attack On Titan Just Debuted Anime's Greatest New Meme

Attack On Titan's fourth season has returned as Eren battles against the likes of the Armored Titan, Jaw Titan, and Cart Titan, with his friends in the Scout Regiment unsure of whose side they should take. With the premiere of new episodes so to has a new opening theme dropped to ring in 2022, and the footage used has given fans of the dark franchise an exceptional meme as the journey of the Survey Corps comes close to making its curtain call. 

In the premiere for the second half of the fourth season by Studio MAPPA, the new opening theme is performed by the Japanese band, Silence Iz Mine, which uses a combination of heavy metal and orchestral themes to convey the emotions that the young Jaeger is feeling. The theme is titled, "The Rumbling," which of course is the same name as Paradis' ace in the hole, the rows of Titans that lay dormant within their walls thanks to the power of King Fritz, the ruler of the past that is fairly responsible for the events that are currently taking place. With the Rumbling being a potential salvation for the Eldians in combating the attacks of the rest of the world, expect some major developments moving forward when it comes to the behemoths that are sleeping.

Twitter User Moony Anime shared this hilarious comparison between the screaming Eren Jaeger and a seagull, as the sea-faring bird has appeared frequently throughout the dark franchise created by Hajime Isayama and is sure to appear a few more times before the fourth season comes to an end:

This second half of the fourth season of Attack On Titan is slated to have twelve episodes, leaving many fans to wonder if the rest of Hajime Isayama's manga series can be adapted in this time by MAPPA or if there is a potential movie in the works which might translate the final battle of the franchise. Regardless of how Attack On Titan ends, expect the story of Eren and the Scout Regiment to end with a bang as the lines between good and evil continue to blur.

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